Consider the Benefits of Giving Good People That All-Important Second Chance

Hire a Good, Reliable Person and Benefit with a Team

We do everything we can to make that second chance successful, including help in polishing their personal habits, in transitioning and adjusting to their reentry to the community.

The strengths and successes of Dismas House programs are documented by the positive reports of quarterly and annual reviews by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and compete for the contract every five years.

Our individual work with clients is a dynamic process involving all aspects of assistance and support; each is monitored by staff 24/7.

Dismas House knows and believes that each client deserves a second chance. We know we can, and must, help each person change to once again become a good spouse, a good parent, and a good citizen.

Working with employers and family members, we help clients put the gleam back in their eyes.

Reasons to Hire a Dismas House Client

  1. 4 out of 5 Dismas House clients succeed in their jobs
  2. Strong incentives for clients to adapt & succeed
  3. Each client is subject to random drug & alcohol tests
  4. Proven emotional, social & physical support systems helps each client
  5. Reliable background information with details confirmed by Dismas House
  6. Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit of up to $2,400 for employer
  7. An available Federal Bonding Program mitigates employer hiring risk


The intangible but Strong Benefit to Employer, to other Workers, to the Community and to Society from Helping a Human Being Regain Self-Respect with a Productive Job and that all-important Second Chance.

Reasons to Hire a Dismas House Client

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