Services Provided

Each Dismas House of St. Louis client has access to a full range of services that will provide an opportunity for successful reentry from incarceration back into the community.

We offer a positive and structured environment at our facility, which is monitored 24/7/365.Each client is assigned a case manager who develops a plan specific to that individual’s situation.

Clients have access to social services coordinators who develop pathways to employment, educational programs, and treatment assistance.


Social Services

There are five basic goals for social services:

The desired change of a person’s particular behavior which created the client’s legal problems. One way to influence this behavioral change is helping the client obtain and maintain gainful employment rather than returning to criminal activities to meet financial goals.
Helping the client gain insight and understanding of how his past behavior has caused problems in his life and illustrate how to learn from past experiences.
Helping the client reduce their anxiety.
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    The most ambitious objective is to help alter the client’s total pattern of living. This requires not only a change in the client’s behavior, but also plans for changing the environment in which he lives, his circle of friends, his place of employment, etc.
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    To help produce a change in one’s self-perception, including goals, self-confidence, and sense of adequacy.
The techniques used to obtain these goals are as diverse as the clients.

Referral Procedure

Clients served by Dismas House of St. Louis are referred to our organization by one of the following: The Federal Bureau of Prisons, United States Probation Office or by Direct Court Commitment. The referring authority determines the length of stay in the program. The individual’s adjustment to the Dismas House program is a major factor which can influence a client’s length of stay.

Reentry Handbook

Learning more about reentry and services provided by the community is an important first step. Get your free copy of the reentry handbook by selecting the link below. 

Reentry Handbook


Prohibited Acts

Learning more about disciplinary procedures. Get your free copy of the prohibited acts by selecting the link below. 

Prohibited Acts