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Dismas House of St. Louis welcomes your questions about our programs and services. We also welcome your suggestions and feedback as we strive to fulfill our mission of providing clients with successful second chances for a better St. Louis.

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Visitation, Access, and Media Information

Visitation, Access, and Media Policy

Dismas House of St. Louis understands that from time-to-time individuals and the media may have interest in the work we do, our facility, or the clients we serve. Because of this interest, Dismas House has established a Visitation, Access, and Disclosure policy.

All requests regarding the organization, facility, or the clients we serve, should be sent to to our Communication Director, Ms. Tara Barrett via email to   Upon receiving any requests, Dismas House will review and respond in a reasonable time and manner to such requests. If you contact the residential reentry center, you will be referred to the above contact number and email address, and no further information will be provided. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Dismas House of St. Louis Media Policy Concerning the Bureau of Prison (BOP) -OR- BOP Clients

Dismas House of St. Louis recognizes the importance of transparency and providing accurate information to the public when allowable, or as needed while respecting the privacy and rights of BOP clients, staff, and our facility, as well as ensuring orderly and safe operation of the residential reentry center (RRC) at all times.

As a federal contractor with the DOJ – BOP, and to facilitate media access and coverage of RRC operations and clients, and in coordination with BOP policy, as well as Dismas House of St. Louis policy, we have established the following procedures.

Media Inquiry Submission:

All inquiries, requests for interviews, or requests to enter the residential reentry center must be submitted in writing to

Please include the following details in your submission:

  1. Requestors name and organization | publication and contact information.
  2. Purpose of the visit or interview
  3. Preferred date and time, and how long you intend the visit to take.
  4. Names and affiliations of all individuals attending, if separate from requestor and/or in addition to. – For example, a producer may the initial individual reaching out for a story. We will need the producer’s information, the reporter that will be doing the interview, and any staff that would be needed for requested interview (camera operator, etc.).
  5. If there is a request to interview a client on Dismas House property, please provide their full name.Upon receipt of email, containing at a minimum the requested items, Dismas House of St. Louis will review and respond accordingly with any follow-up questions, requests, or forms.

Review of BOP Media Policy:

Before submitting a request, please familiarize yourself with the official Bureau of Prisons Media Policy. The policy outlines the conditions and guidelines under which qualified media representatives may visit federal institutions or residential reentry centers to gather information about programs and activities, or to conduct interviews. You can access the full policy [here].

In addition to your initial request to Dismas House of St. Louis, you must submit request to the BOP’s central office via their website and receive approval from the BOP before the possibility of an interview within the RRC or on the RRC property could take place. Dismas House of St. Louis does not have the ability to approve media requests when it comes to BOP clients, or BOP related topics.

Security Clearance and Approval Process:

To ensure the safety and security of all individuals wishing to visit the facility, including media representatives, must undergo a security clearance process. This process is in accordance with the Bureau of Prisons’ security protocols and is non-negotiable to enter the RRC. Once clearance is submitted to Dismas House of St. Louis, we will work with the BOP to facilitate the approval process for your visit and/or interview. Generally, it takes the BOP a minimum of 4 weeks to complete the background checks to approve the necessary clearance needed to enter the RRC.

Accompanied Visits:

All visits to the RRC, that have been approved by the BOP and Dismas House of St. Louis will be accompanied at all times by Bureau of Prisons and/or Dismas House of Louis staff to ensure compliance with security and privacy guidelines.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these procedures. By following these steps, we can work together to balance the need for transparency with the necessary precautions to protect the privacy and security of all individuals involved.

For any additional information or clarification, please feel free to contact us at



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